November COVID Update

Public Announcement from Pastor Rodrigo:

“With more than 10,0000 daily cases of COVID-19 in the State of Illinois, our Local Board of Administration has decided to suspend in-person worship for the next two weeks.

On Sunday, November 15th and November 22nd, we will only stream via YouTube. We intend to take good care of our Church members as much as possible. We will return with the services in Person on Sunday, November 29th.

My family and I have been very meticulous and careful since COVID19 appeared last year. This Monday morning, I woke up coughing a lot. I called my doctor’s office, and he ordered a flu test and COVID19. I took the test, and today Wednesday, November 11, the test result tested positive for COVID19.

As you may have noticed, my family and I wear masks all the time, wash our hands, and keep a social distance at the church, school, and every place we have visited. Even when we take our possible step to prevent the infectious, sometimes it is not enough. Coronavirus is highly contagious.

I have two weeks of mandatory quarantine.  This means I can’t attend church or work at my school for the next two Sundays. I made some arrangements with Mark Pierce to record my message to add to our Livestream services on Sunday.

We appreciate your prayers. God bless you.”

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